Company Profile

Welcome To The HealGuru India Pvt Ltd

HealGuru India Pvt Ltd serves as a platform to provide world-class health services and facilities to patients of different countries. Our company comes at the forefront of the medical tourism industry in India. A huge network of the Best Hospitals for Treatment In India coupled with a transparent pricing policy keeps us ahead of our competitors. With a firm presence in multiple countries such as Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey and Costa Rica; our company has successfully helped hundreds in having their treatment at a reasonable price.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make quality healthcare accessible to everyone. As a prominent Health Tourism Company, we remove obstacles in the path to get quality treatment. We take care of everything from visa approval, finding the best hospital for each patient, accommodation, pick and drop services and other logistical concerns.

Our Vision

Our aim of making world-class medical services a reality instead of a distant dream will be achieved by taking certain steps. These steps include expanding the company’s footprint to different countries and bringing the Cost of Hospitals for Various Treatments much lower than the current costs. We are gradually moving towards that goal by providing top-notch health services to our customers and we will continue to do that for years to come.

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